Vancouver Limousine info What to look for when booking a Limo

To many people booking a Limousine seems like an easy Job, all you have to do is call companies in your area and then book a Limo. Lots of people don’t do their research on what they are booking or what company they are booking with. So here is some advice on booking a Limo. First when booking a Limousine make sure you research the company you are interested in, How long has the company been in business, what types of Limousine do they have in their fleet and how old are their Limos as well as cost, compare limo prices with other companies, check if they have special deals or packages going on but most of all make sure it is affordable.when you book limo for you wedding ceremony it is very important when you get good limo rate for your wedding day please go to their office talk to them & check their limo & make sure limousines are in good condition & there is no wear & tear. There are some good limo companies are in Vancouver they always change their cars every 4-5 years but their prices are slightly higher. some time you try to save few bucks but on the wedding you get big head ache because limos not even washed & not even vacuumed some time they arrive late. so always choose best limo company when you have special function or Call Time Limousine @ 604-340-9200 or 604-597-1766