Vancouver Limo companies, Limo booking Experience in vancouver bc

On November 24th/2012 it was my 23rd Birthday and I knew I wanted to do something amazing and fun for my friends and I. So I thought what a better way for every one to get to our destination by renting a Limo in Vancouver. So I started looking around, I was looking for something that was cost efficient, that had lots of space for 10 people, that had  TV’s and entertainment on the inside for my friends and I to play some music and one that offered glasses and water.  I called many  Vancouver Limo companies making sure I made my decision carefully,  The reason I choose the company I did was because ,I got my first impression  by the way the young lady answered the phone, She sounded very happy and right away she ask me for my name and how she could help me. She took her time trying to help me figure out all my plans that would work for me on my special day.  She did an amazing job explaining how everything would work for the night of  and the cost was the best price I had received. So I went ahead and booked. On the night of my Birthday the limo showed up at my house on time and had a very well dressed and polite chauffeur, He opened the door for us and made sure everyone was comfortable before taking off to our destination. The night went very well and I was very impressed by all the services I received that night.